Enigma CAD rear three quarter view
Enigma 1050 bottom yoke detail
Frame plate CAD for Enigma 1050 motorcycle
Dymag Carbon Wheel diagram

Enigma 1050 is a celebration of the British motorcycle industry. It is being built by craftsmen in the UK. This is the story of its construction.

You can see the stages of the development of Enigma 1050 in the archive section. Click here.

ENIGMA 1050 – latest news and developments


Delays, departures, illnesses and finally some progress

July 29 2014

Enigma1050 july 2014

Beginning to look more like a motorcycle now. The rear bodywork has been remade in carbon fibre so that it is self supporting. We've added all the foot controls, mudguard, revised top yoke and Renthal Fat Bars. The task in progress at the moment is modification of the wiring loom.

Enigma has been hit by mistakes, delays, departures and illness which is why it is over a year since we last posted an update.
The first chassis had insufficient steering lock for a road bike. The next chassis had sufficient steering lock but was something of a cosmetic disaster. The third and final chassis, which you can see in the pictures on the left, was good.
Dave Pearce quit the project without warning so we had to find someone else to finish the uncompleted tasks – it is never easy asking one frame builder to take over from another.
Just as it was all coming together, project leader Jim Lindsay needed surgery for a hernia and a hydrocele. He had just recovered from that when he broke his collarbone when a car driver knocked him off his Ducati 996.
The bike is now back with Jim Lindsay in Peterborough and he is working on modifications to the wiring loom. Once that is done, it will be time to start the engine. After that, it will be back to Promach for the rear light and number plate brackets to be manufactured.
We are not making any predictions about the completion date. We have learned the hard way just how long things can take. However, the project is still very much alive.

There are 50 cables which need to be extended so we can tuck all the solid state components neatly behind the seat.

There are many people involved with Enigma 1050 but the outfits here were in on the project from Day One and make up the core team responsible for bringing the machine together


We are sorry to report that Dave Pearce withdrew from the project last year. The project has continued without Dave’s assistance. You can read more about Dave’s departure and its effect on the project here.


Founded by motocrosers Chris Taylor and Ken Somerton, K-Tech Suspension has become a major force worldwide. The Enigma 1050 features K-Tech’s KTR2 Superbike forks and the 35DDS rear shock.


The late Dave Jeffries swore by Promach components. All of the alloy components on the Enigma 1050 are being made by the Leicestershire firm.


Dymag Wheels started in the early 1970s and quickly became known for their iconic three spoke Magnesium Alloy wheels. They still offer alloy wheels but much of their effort is being put into developing the carbon fibre range.