Enigma CAD rear three quarter view
Enigma 1050 bottom yoke detail
Frame plate CAD for Enigma 1050 motorcycle
Dymag Carbon Wheel diagram

Enigma 1050 is a celebration of the British motorcycle industry. It is being built by craftsmen in the UK. This is the story of its construction.

You can see the stages of the development of Enigma 1050 in the archive section. Click here.

ENIGMA 1050 – latest news and developments

Radical Bodywork Revision “First attempt was too retro

April 23 2013 (St George’s Day)

Enigma 1050 sporting new bodywork

We've got rid of the rear subframe, remodelled the tank and come up with an altogether more modern seat and tail unit. Final version will be in carbon fibre and self-supporting.

“Too retro” was the verdict on the bodywork so we had a radical rethink. The quality of Terry Hall’s work was not an issue. We needed something more modern.
Ace sheet metalworker Chris Allen remodelled the tank while Promach machined the mounts to which the seat unit attaches.
You can find out more about Chris Allen and his work by clicking here.

The old style bodywork for Enigma 1050

Nothing wrong with the workmanship on the original bodywork. We just decided it was too retro and a bit too heavy.

There are many people involved with Enigma 1050 but the outfits here were in on the project from Day One and make up the core team responsible for bringing the machine together


The frame for the Enigma 1050 is being built in Hampshire by Tigcraft, a small enterprise with a huge reputation. Owner Dave Pearce has been building championship winning motorcycles since 1976.


Founded by motocrosers Chris Taylor and Ken Somerton, K-Tech Suspension has become a major force worldwide. The Enigma 1050 features K-Tech’s KTR2 Superbike forks and the 35DDS rear shock.


The late Dave Jeffries swore by Promach components. All of the alloy components on the Enigma 1050 are being made by the Leicestershire firm.


Dymag Wheels started in the early 1970s and quickly became known for their iconic three spoke Magnesium Alloy wheels. They still offer alloy wheels but much of their effort is being put into developing the carbon fibre range.