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Starting the frame

I’ve added a piece on the first steps in the building of the frame here. There is also a sketch made by designer John Keogh on the home page. This is not necessarily what the finished bike will look like but it does show the actual design of the frame.

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Over 10,000 visitors in four weeks

We started monitoring visitors to the site using Google Analytics on 27 November 2011. Between then and 29 December 2011, we have had 10,016 visitors. Amazing. I was hoping for 1,000 by the end of the year. We’ve done just a bit better than that. Thanks to everyone who continues to show an interest.

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Sales enquiries already!

It’s all a bit it soon as we have not finished the prototype yet, but we are beginning to get a steady trickle of sales enquiries to the site and loads of requests for updates. So next month I’m going to start doing regular newsletters. Email me from the Contact page if you want to be included.  

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Post Christmas Progress

OK, that’s the festivities over and it’s back to work. Dave’s starting work on the swing arm. The rear bodywork is beginning to take shape and we’ve got designer John Keogh on board to start ceasing some designs for the front end. Larry’s got the wheels ordered from Dymag, Austin Racing are keen to do the exhaust. It’s going to …

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Almost Global!

Amazing story about us on American site, The Kneeslider. We’ve also had info requests from the Czech Republic and from Russia. Not counting today, the site has had 1640 hits in two weeks which, for an ultra niche project is OK, we think.

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How Carbon Fibre wheels are made

Have a look here folks. This is what we saw when we spent a day at Dymag.

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Visit to Dymag Wheels

                              We had a great day at Dymag learning the detail of how carbon fibre wheels are assembled. It’s a labour intensive process. Even with automated machining it takes a full person day to make a single wheel. There will be a full step by step …

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Small Perfection

I’ve just sent the AP Racing rear master cylinder to Promach so they can incorporate a mounting point into the righthand footrest hanger. It’s a beautiful piece of kit; tiny, light and well worth the £235.00 asking price.

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Frame Finished – It’s light!

Tigcraft finished the frame today! And the weight? A skinny 8.1 kilograms. It will gain a few grammes here and there as Dave Pearce adds brackets but it’s a good start. Want a comparison? The superlight Daytona 675 frame weighs in at 10.5 kilograms. Guess we’re on the right track then. Just to be clear, this is just the main …

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Some of the Brakes Have Arrived

…But not all of them. I’ve got a pair of discs, some pads and a rear master cylinder. We’re getting the kit from Andover Norton. I’m off to Dymag with the discs next week so they can make a start on the wheels. Watch out for an update on Dymag next weekend. I’ll be taking pictures of their Swindon factory, …

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