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Frame Latest

Dave is making rapid progress. He’s added the connecting rails from the main frame assembly to the rear plates. These new rails do not have to bear much weight so he’s using 18 swg (1.2mm) Reynolds 631 tubing to keep the weight down.

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At Tigcraft – the frame takes shape

Dave has made rapid progress with the frame now that he is settled in his new workshop. The front end is almost complete and he’s got the plates that Mick made bolted into position. We are taking advantage of the fact that the engine is so solid to make it a big part of the structure of the chassis which will …

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Visit to Promach – artistry in alloy

If you’ve looked at the over pages, you’ll know that Mick Edwards at Promach is manufacturing all of the alloy components for the enigma 1050. He works out of a small, we’ll equipped unit just outside the Leicestershoire village of Stoke Golding. When I arrived, Mick had just finished making the engine plates using a Hurco CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) …

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First Pictures of the Frame

I swore I wasn’t going to do any Enigma stuff while I was up here in Skye but Dave just sent me a picture of the first tubes wrapped round the engine and tacked up, so here goes. I could not wait until I got home to put this on the site.

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Escape to Skye

Time for a break. We are in the Isle of Skye for a fortnight most of which I plan to spend either walking or sleeping. We’ve already done quite a lot of both.                      

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Goodbye to the Remains

Dave’s got the engine, the exhaust headers and all the electrics and I’ve just exchanged what was left for £1500 in cash. A couple of Polish guys bought it. They kept calling to say they were on their way. They finally arrived just before midnight. They seemed pleased with the price and so was I. Happy faces all round despite …

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Second Team Meeting

The Enigmatics meet again, minus Larry, who had urgent business to attend to. We gathered at the K-Tech premises. Mick Edwards from Promach was there for the first time and he and Dave P hit it off well. Mick is going to be manufacturing all the machined alloy components. Dave brought the engine with him mounted in his frame building …

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The First Team Meeting

I rang round a few people that I hoped would be interested in working together on the project. Some I knew, some I  knew only by reputation. I was amazed and pleased by the response. So we got together, me, Margaret, Dave Pearce, Chris Taylor and Larry Webb to thrash out the basic details of the bike. Larry brought along …

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Engine Out

I set to yesterday and spent most of the day in the workshop carefully stripping the bike down. It’s not particularly easy to work on. There are plenty of inaccessible nuts where captive nuts would have been a better bet. Even with small hands and quarter inch sockets, it was a struggle at times but fun all the same. I …

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The Donor Bike

I wanted a whole working bike so I wouldn’t have to waste time finding a wiring loom, ECU and all the other bits you need to make an engine run. I found a low mileage Category C write off at Hills Motorcycle Salvage up in Skelmersdale. £3,700 changed hands and Margaret and I trailed it home. Looked at from the …

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