Chris Allen

A very British motorbike

Chris Allen – Metalworker

Chris is one of the new breed of young metalworkers who combines modern ideas with traditional skills. We asked him to remodel Enigma’s tank.

Metalworker Chris Allen's Austin Ten Racer
Chris Allen set up on his own almost as soon as he finished his apprenticeship. He made a few pieces and took them to the annual classic gathering at Beaulieu in Hampshire and the orders soon started to come in. Now in his mid twenties, Chris is constantly busy in his Farnborough workshop.
We took Enigma 1050 to him to have the tank remodelled to fit the new seat and tail unit that we will be using. He did an excellent job. He also made up some panels to cover the seat mounting brackets which we will be showing you soon.
On the left you can see his brother’s BSA B41 for which Chris made the tank and side panels and in the foreground is the Austin Ten racer that he is building for himself. Chris is hand crafting every panel.
If you need any bodywork making, car or bike, we can recommend this guy without reservation. His work is of exceptiomally high quality. You can contact Chris on 07565 533 710 or mail him on

Enigma 1050 – a very British motorcycle being built in Hampshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Surrey, Sussex, Suffolk, Shropshire and Cambridgeshire.