Inside PDQ

A very British motorbike

PDQ Motorcycle Developments, Taplow, Berkshire – this is where we will be assembling and tuning the  Enigma 1050

The dyno room at PDQ motorcyclesPDQ’s dyno room is state of the art. There’s even a lift to raise the bike up to the platform instead of a ramp. On the right you can see a car dyno which Larry Webb had installed specifically to cater for bike engined cars. Tucked away top right is a Yamaha V-Max engined trike.
GSX R750RR ar PDQ Motorycle DevelopmentsYou come across some interesting stuff at PDQ. This is a GSXR 750RR, Suzuki’s answer to the RC30 Honda and Yamaha’s OW01. It was made for just one year, 1989, and only 500 were produced. It cost £9000 new. This one is being updated for a customer based in Australia.
Yamaha BattleMax at PDQ Motorcycle DevelopmentsAbove: The V Max engined BattleMax sits in a corner of the showroom at PDQ Motorcycle Developments. It was radical for the time and is still radical now. The motor is a tuned Yamaha V-Max engine which has been converted from shaft drive to chain drive. The front end is the UK invented Hossack. Look familiar? Yup, after the patent expired, BMW used the design on their K series road bikes. We’d love to see the BattleMax up and running again.
Right: Vee four engines make for narrow bikes.To keep the front end stiff, the BattleMax runs a large diameter front wheel spindle. We love the big round headlight.
Front view of Battlemax at PDQ Motorcycle Developments
Ultra modern rear shock linkage on BattleMaxAbove: While journalists the world over will be marvelling at the innovatory nature of the Ducati Panigale, which was launched this week, consider that there is nothing new under the sun. That rear shock linkage? PDQ used it on the BattleMax in seventeen years ago in 1995. Why? With all the heat generated by the rear pair of exhaust headers on the V-4 engine, they needed a different place to mount the rear suspension unit to keep it away from the performance damaging heat. This was their extremely neat solution. Ducati have done it for the same reason and, of course, to pay further homage to the current motorcycle design buzzword, mass centralisation.
Honda RCB engined racer at PDQ Motorcycle DevelopmentsThis is a rare bird.It is a 1979 Spondon framed, Honda RCB engined racer campaigned in the 1979 FIM World Endurance Championship. It is fettled and ridden for Darvill racing by PDQ Motorcycle Developments lead technician, Rob Wittey.
Various bikes in the workshop at PDQ motorcycle developmentsPDQ cater for the widest imaginable range of motorcycles, as you can see from this shot. Lurking in the background is a Hayabusa engined Caterham 7. “Great fun, but hard to get off the line,” says Larry,”And they pound the living hell out of the transmission.

Enigma 1050 – a very British motorcycle being built in Hampshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Surrey, Sussex, Suffolk, Shropshire and Cambridgeshire.