The Engine

A very British motorbike

Why a Triumph 1050?

Triumph 1050 Triple EngineThe 1050 has its drawbacks. It was first laid down in 1997, before the universal adoption of stacked gearboxes gave us shorter engines. Because of its length, we are  going to miss our ideal 1400mm wheelbase target by a small amount. Having said that, Ducati’s 1198 has a wheelbase of 1430mm and you don’t hear many complaints about the way it handles.

The second issue is the weight of the engine. It’s a monster. However, it is such a strong lump of metal that we can use it to provide a lot of the core strength of the motorcycle. That means we need fewer tubes and less weight so it is not all bad.

And the advantages?

It’s a brilliant road engine and Enigma 1050 is being designed as a road bike. Maximum power of 121bhp (measured) is reached at a lazy 9500rpm. Maximum torque of 71.5 ftlb (measured) is achieved at 7550rpm. On the road it is one of the sweetest engines you will ever use and nobody will complain about lack of speed especially as our bike will be noticeably lighter than Triumph’s offering.

Project team member Larry Webb will be  remapping the ECU at his PDQ Motorcycle Developments workshop.  The new exhaust may liberate a hew more horsepower but, to start with, we are going no further than that. However, our main purpose in the remap will be to make the engine ever nicer to use on the road than it is as standard. Increasing power is not our goal. We may, at a later date, offer a tuned version. With new camshafts and some porting work on the cylinder head, a reliable 135bhp is available, but do you need it? Maybe not.

The 1050 engine has been around for fourteen years . All the bugs have long since been ironed out. It’s as reliable as any power plant currently on offer so that is another point in its favour.

And lastly, we love its looks. The bike will have minimal bodywork so the engine will be shown off to full advantage. Big and beefy? You bet.

For power output and specifications, look here.

Enigma 1050 – a very British motorcycle being built in Hampshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Surrey, Sussex, Suffolk, Shropshire and Cambridgeshire.